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Taja Jackson

Customer Service Supervisor

Taja Jackson is an experienced leader in consumer support services and operations management at PremierFMS. With a career in customer service spanning over a decade in different industries, she has consistently exceeded expectations and earned recognition for her dedication to customer satisfaction and organizational success.

In previous leadership roles, Taja spent time as a Business and Customer Manager at Milwaukee County Transit Systems. There, Taja managed staff, designed work schedules, and resolved employee and client issues. Prior to Milwaukee County Transit Systems, Taja held key positions at Associated Bank and WE Energies, where she continued to craft exceptional leadership skills in customer service management. At Associated Bank, she served as the Virtual Bank Support Manager, where she handled retail issues, supervised bank employees, and offered virtual banking and financial advisory services. Her dedication to growth and customer engagement earned her consistent praise and recognition within the organization.

During her tenure at WE Energies as a Customer Service Manager, Taja provided coaching, training, and development to team members, establishing performance management and development plans to achieve organizational goals. Taja was especially effective at managing client and customer behavior. She handled and directed trainings on customer behavior, applying effective conflict management strategies to ease irritated consumers and resolve tense conversations.

Taja’s commitment to putting participants and consumers first is evident throughout her career. Her extensive experience in consumer support services and operations management, combined with her dedication to continuous improvement, helps individuals and families supported by PremierFMS in self-direction live a life a their choosing.

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