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EVV Resources for IRIS Consultants
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Susie Myers

Enrollment Specialist

Susie Myers is a highly regarded expert in self-directed care services. She holds over 20 years of consumer-directed care experience. Susie has dedicated her career to finding solutions that improve the lives of individuals seeking independence through self-direction in Wisconsin. She fulfills LKiChoice’s mission through innovative and person-centered approaches to care. 

Susie has extensive experience working in the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program. Her strong people skills have guided participants through complex self-directed supports and services. Susie works closely with participants and families across Wisconsin. She makes sure personalized care plans are implemented and aligned with program guidelines.  

I am so honored to work for a company with such an authentic and compassionate history. In addition, I am grateful to be able to accompany a group of passionate people that continue to grow the company to align with the mission and value of enriching the lives of the people we serve.  

Susie is well-trained in many facets of self-direction. Throughout her career in self-direction, her responsibilities have included: 

  • Analyzing compliance with state and federal regulations 
  • Educate stakeholders on self-direction philosophy 
  • Facilitating improvement initiatives to enhance self-directed services 

Throughout her career, Susie has held many leadership positions. At LKiChoice, she’s helped expand in-person enrollment statewide. Her dedication to participants has made self-direction more accessible in Wisconsin. 

Susie has also been active in her community throughout her career. In Prairie du Chien, she served on the Chamber of Commerce and Parks and Recreation boards. Susie’s dedication to making a difference in her community and at LKiChoice displays her wonderful commitment to finding solutions to improve the lives of everyone AssuranceSD supports. 

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