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Attention Wisconsin IRIS Participants and Caregivers!
Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV, is required for all non live-in Direct Care Professionals (caregivers). Failure to use EVV may result in termination from the Wisconsin IRIS program.
If you need assistance, we are here to help. View our EVV Resources or Contact Us.

Freedom to Choose Your
Supports and Services

Self-direction puts you in charge of scheduling the supports and services you want with the Direct Care Professionals of your choosing. To help you focus on what makes life happy and rewarding PremierFMS provides clerical, administrative, and payroll support that makes getting your services easier.

We support a variety of programs across the country.

The programs vary by state and include the following:


Supporting our neighbors and communities nationwide.

As a Fiscal Employer Agent and Fiscal Conduit, we manage the administrative work involved in hiring and managing Direct Care Professionals. You save time and keep the flexibility and freedom of getting services from the people and companies you choose.  
Our role varies by each state and can include:
  • FMS: Financial Management Services
  • FI: Fiscal Intermediary
  • F/EA : Fiscal Employer Agent
  • CDS: Consumer Directed Services
  • PDO: Participant Direction Option
  • PDS: Participant Directed Services
Our services include:
  • Processing new hire paperwork in a timely manner
  • Completing worker background checks
  • Processing payroll in an accurate and timely manner
  • Filing employee-related payroll taxes and issuing W2s to all employees
  • Processing vendor paperwork and claims quickly and accurately.
  • Tracking and monitoring individual budget expenditures
  • Partnering with program stakeholders to improve service delivery
  • Providing customized reports to meet client’s needs
  • Quality Customer Service – our goal is to be a one-call resolution
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