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Cindy Desch

Regional Growth Director

PremierFMS’ mission is to empower our neighbors who are aging and have disabilities to live their best lives by self-directing when, how, and where they receive their personal care services. This mission is best lived out through Cindy Desch’s passion for work that focuses on partnering and collaborating with individuals receiving services and community stakeholders. 


Cindy is a distinguished leader with almost 20 years of experience in self-direction. Much of this experience has been in Wisconsin, where she has spent her career designing, expanding, and supporting self-directed options. Cindy is passionate about work that focuses on partnering and collaborating with individuals receiving services and community stakeholders. Through her work, Cindy strives to create inclusive environments and support individuals in living a life of their choosing. 

Cindy’s current role with AssuranceSD focuses on the growth and development of the AssuranceSD brands. This includes building and strengthening our relationships with stakeholders and helping to ensure that the voice of self-advocates and families are informing the work of the organization.   

“One of my favorite things about working with AssuranceSD is the time I get to spend with self-advocates, families, and other stakeholders.  The goal is to better understand their needs and how we can help support.” 

Cindy has more than 30 years of experience in Wisconsin’s long-term care system from her many years and Care Wisconsin, to her work at TMG, and her work at GT Independence. Her knowledge of self-directed service models is evident through her experience in the IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) program. She was the Director of TMG’s IRIS Consultant Agency. During her tenure, TMG’s ICA grew from a staff of five to a statewide staff of just over 600 serving more than 15,000 individuals. In addition, Cindy was involved in the development of self-directed programs in other states in which Magellan Health was providing managed care services. 

With a wealth of expertise in talent management, employee engagement, and team building, Cindy has served in various financial management service leadership roles, including Chief Talent Officer, Director of Talent, and Director of Long-Term Services and Supports at GT Independence. In these roles, Cindy oversaw the development of employee engagement activities that helped create and maintain an inclusive work environment. In addition, she developed a DEI and belonging functional area that provided staff and leader training, activities, and employee support.  

Cindy is also involved with her local communities in Wisconsin. Cindy serves as VP of the Wisconsin Microboard Association. She is Vice President of the Rise Up Board of Directors and sits on the InControl Wisconsin Board as well. 

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