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Forms: Utah

Simplifying self-direction.

On this page, you’ll find forms that Participants and Direct Care Professionals participating in Utah self-directed programs will need to manage their relationship and comply with requirements and regulations.

Payroll and Ongoing

Participant (Employer) - All Programs

Direct Care Professional (Worker)

Contact Information

(801) 317-1900

Toll Free
(855) 355-5363

(855) 500-4521


Mailing Address

2150 S 1300 E Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Terms to keep in mind

There are a number of different words used in self-direction to refer to the individuals who contract for and receive services, as well as the individuals who provide those services. Here’s a quick guide to these words and who they refer to on our site and in other resources:

Participant: This refers to the individual contracting for and receiving services. Other common terms include Employer, Member, Client, or Consumer.

Direct Care Professional: This refers to the individual providing services. Other common terms include Caregiver, Care Provider, Provider, Employee, or Direct Staff.

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