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Jonathan Claflin

Senior Operations Manager

Jonathan Claflin is a local leader and expert in consumer-directed services. Since June 2022, Jonathan has been the Operations Manager at PremierFMS in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He’s amassed over 10 years of experience specifically in self-direction in Wisconsin and has been instrumental in shaping and advancing innovative care models at PremierFMS for participants and their families.

Jonathan’s journey working in the IRIS program and self-directed care networks began at iLIFE, where he served in various roles, including Project Manager and IRIS Program Director. As the IRIS Program Director, Jonathan managed relationships with funders and regulatory agencies, ensuring compliance with contractual obligations and providing strategic leadership for program implementation. His expertise in navigating complex regulatory standards and requirements made him a trusted advocate for self-direction at PremierFMS.

In addition to his leadership roles at iLIFE, Jonathan also gained experience working in the IRIS program with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services as an IS Business Automation Specialist. In this role, he served as the IRIS program lead for implementing new functionality in Wisconsin’s Self-Directed IT System (WISITS), the state’s information system. Jonathan’s expertise in system management and user training helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the IRIS program.

Currently serving as an Operations Manager at Premier Financial Management, Jonathan continues to leverage his experience to drive operational improvements, with a focus on the IRIS program, and strategic decision-making. As Operations Manager, he also facilitates relationships with funders and regulatory agencies and provides coaching and mentorship to team members to ensure employee morale and productivity remain high.

Jonathan’s experience with advancing self-direction and consumer-directed care services in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin is important as PremierFMS continues to enhance the supports and services offered to families in Wisconsin. As a local leader in self-direction, Jonathan is committed to improving the level of independence families and participants can achieve with PremierFMS.

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