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Wisconsin: ILSP

Welcome to the ILSP Pilot.

For complete information on the ILSP Pilot and participating ADRCs, please visit:
American Rescue Plan Act: Independent Living Supports Pilot | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

On this page, you will find forms for participants, non-professional in-home service providers (NPPs) and vendors. If you are in need of Printable Forms, they can be found near the bottom of this page.

Enrollment Notice:

In order to enroll in ILSP, you must first meet with your local ADRC and begin the enrollment process.

Program Update:

We would like to bring your attention to some key updates to the ILSP program given new guidance from the WI Department of Health Services.

  1. The title of Direct-Hire Worker has changed to Non-Professional In-Home Service Provider (NPP). This change helps to clarify that NPPs are contractors, not employees. Accordingly, participants are no longer required to complete a SS-4 on behalf of NPPs. No additional forms are necessary, and this will have no impact on any authorized services.
  2. Providers who are providing services to individuals enrolled in IRIS will now have an expedited onboarding process. If you are serving people in IRIS and already work with Premier, you do not need to complete the standard startup paperwork for vendors or NPPs. Premier will work with these providers to collect any documentation required for authorization outside of enrollment paperwork. Providers must receive an authorization letter before providing services under ILSP.

Please reach out to Premier with any questions you might have about these changes and thank you for all you do to support individuals in Wisconsin.

Participant - Must meet with your local ADRC to Enroll

Participants need to work with their ADRC in the completion of ILSP Enrollment Paperwork. For a list of participating ADRCs and more information on the pilot, please visit: American Rescue Plan Act: Independent Living Supports Pilot | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Direct Deposit Agreement

If the participant will be requesting to be reimbursed for authorized purchases, they will need to complete a Direct Deposit Agreement.

Release of Confidential Information

If the participant wants to allow other people in their life to have access to information related to their involvement in the program, this form is required.

Participant Information Change Form

Participant Reimbursement Request

Please note that you cannot make a purchase for a reimbursement before you have completed the enrollment to ILSP and also have received an Authorization letter with an official start date from Premier. Any purchase before the start date in Authorization letter will not be paid.

Example: Participant Reimbursement Request

2024 Reimbursement Schedule


Non-Professional In-Home Service Provider (NPP)

Contact Information

Phone: (888) 890-2286

Enrollment and General Inquiries



(877) 334-2573


10425 W North Ave, Ste 320
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Invoice Submissions and Claims Questions



(877) 334-2619


1414 MacArthur Rd, Ste, 100b
Madison, WI 53714



1414 MacArthur Rd, Ste 100B
Madison, WI 53714


10425 W North Ave, Ste 345
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Terms to keep in mind

There are different terms used in self-direction to refer to the individuals who contract for and receive services, as well as those who provide the services. Here’s a quick guide to these words and who they refer to on our site and in other resources:

Participant: The individual contracting for and receiving services. Common terms include Employer, Member, Client, or Consumer.

Non-Professional In-Home Service Provider (NPP): The individual providing services. Common terms include Caregiver, Care Provider, Provider, Employee, or Direct Staff.

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