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Adult Direct Care Professional comforting senior mom sitting on a wheelchair at home.

Grant Funding to Aid Utah Veteran Direct Care Professionals

In Utah, Direct Care Professionals (DCPs) serving Veterans can now receive professional support for their services. DCPs are receiving support from the Salt Lake VA Medical Center’s SEARCH project. The project, with the help of Jennifer Morgan, received a $60,000 grant in January.

Morgan is a program manager for the Institute for Disability Research, Policy and Practice. Her team secured funding that will go towards supporting DCPs in rural Utah. The funds will help provide training and community awareness. This ensures qualifying Veterans receive the support they need. Morgan notes DCPs are not always asked if their employer is a Veteran. With more awareness of the program, Morgan hopes to provide better support through the VA.

Support services include professional development from a licensed health and wellbeing coach. Community resources are also available to DCPs through the program. The program lasts until this September. DCPs that enroll before then will receive support until they are no longer providing support to their Veteran. More support services include:

  • Access to Caregiver Support Team
  • Resources for Enhancing all Caregivers Health (REACH) VA
  • Caregiver Support Line
  • Caregiver Health & Wellbeing Coaching
  • Caregivers FIRST Skills Training
  • Peer Support Mentoring
  • View the full list

The process is simple if you live in Utah and are interested in signing up. The only requirement is the Veteran is enrolled in VA Healthcare. The DCP does not have to be a family member either. To sign up, DCPs can enroll on the website link below:

U.S Department of Veterans Affairs

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