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December 2023 Newsletter | PremierFMS – Veterans Affairs


The December PremierFMS Veterans Affairs e-Newsletter covers recent news and updates regarding the VA and any news relevant to consumer-directed care services. E-Newsletter contents include:

  • A note from Senior Operations Manager, Jonathan Claflin
  • VA and Self-Directed Care Network Relevant News
    • AARP Releases 2023 Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard
    • CDC Reminders for COVID-19 & Flu Vaccines
    • CDC Issues Winter Checklist
    • VA to Prioritize Prescriptions During Holiday Season
  • Quarterly Reader Poll
    • VA Consumer Directed Services News and Information
    • National Self-Directed Care Network News and Information
    • New Employee Spotlights
    • VA Participant Stories
    • Important Dates and Upcoming Self-Direction Deadlines
  • Employee Spotlight – Sheila Bradley
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