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A veteran is embraced by her mother at home.

VDC Program Introduction Background, Reach, and FAQs

Program Background, Eligibility, and Reach

The Veteran Directed Care program was created in 2008. It provides Veterans with quality level care at home. In VDC, Veterans have control and decision-making authority for local support and services. The VDC works with Aging and Disability Network Agencies (ADNAs) nationwide to help Veterans direct their support. Other support services that work with the VDC include:

  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers
  • Centers for Independent Living
  • State Units on Aging – within each state’s No Wrong Door system

VDC Program Information

  • The VDC program is available in 37 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico at 71 VA Medical Centers (VAMC)
  • 255 ADNAs provide VDC support nationwide
  • As of now, 4,500 Veterans utilize VDC support
  • Over 10,000 Veterans have utilized VDC support since 2008

Veteran & Caregiver Benefits

The VDC benefits Veterans with more control and increased services and satisfaction. More choice and control allows Veterans to use their budget as they see fit. Veterans can also schedule care times and hours with the caregivers they hire. VDC members have more hours of service and support than normal home health programs. Veterans are able to negotiate the rates they pay their caregivers. With increased control and support, Veterans are more satisfied with the VDC program than regular home health programs. VDC is aimed at putting Veterans at the center of their support as a person-centered approach.

Normally, Veterans are able to provide feedback to the agency supporting them. In VDC, Veterans have more control of their support. This includes:

  • Decision-making authority over budget
  • Hiring, firing, and managing caregivers
  • Evaluating caregiver performance
  • Managing service hours
  • Decide on goods and services to buy

For more information on program benefits, read the VDC program introduction linked on our ____ page.

More VDC program information related to this article is available on the No Wrong Door website.

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