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Box for ballot papers on desk and young African American man with disability sitting in wheelchair and making his choice.

Disability Rights Wisconsin Provides Lawsuit Update on Wisconsin Ballot Access

Last month, Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW) filed a temporary injunction for their ballot access lawsuit. The motion would provide electronic ballots to voters with disabilities. This ballot is similar to what military personnel and overseas voters use. The ballot will increase access to voting opportunities for voters with disabilities. At the moment, Wisconsin requires absentee ballots to be cast on paper. Voters are allowed to receive assistance from caregivers. Yet, sharing voting choices is not always preferred.

Purpose of the Lawsuit:

  • Many voters with disabilities cannot reliably travel to polling locations and fill out paper ballots
  • Wisconsin election policies limit some voters with disabilities from absentee voting
  • Failing to provide this accommodation violates the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • This format will provide independence and privacy other voters receive
  • Technology to complete absentee ballots for voters with disabilities already exists
  • 13 states have already expanded absentee ballot programs to include voters with disabilities
  • Four Wisconsin voters with disabilities and the League of Women Voters Wisconsin are partnering with DRW in the case

The lawsuit was filed on April 16 in the Dane County Circuit Court. DRW is represented by two law firms:

  • Stafford Rosenbaum LLP
  • Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP

To learn more about the lawsuit, visit the Disability Rights Wisconsin website:

PBS Article | “Wisconsin voters with disabilities demand a better way to cast absentee ballots”

Update on Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Ballot Access Lawsuit

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